Warrior cats female firestar fanfiction

This is no doubt, the longest Lemon I'll probably ever write, and some of these characters have fun Dialogue to write about, so I enjoyed every second of it.

To show my appreciation of just how much I'm thankful for you all reading my stories, which is almost of you, and over views onward, and I give you back, The Mating Festival. Over 10, Words! This involves the entirety of ThunderClan!

Only three cats do not participate in the mating, which they're clearly stated why. I will continue writing and get done with as many of your requests as I can do! I think I'll hold off RavenXCrystal for later. This will be good for a while. Want in on a contest to see who can make their she-cat come first?

Let's do it. Hazeltail asked me to take care of her heat the first time. I bet she needs some relief. You're so tight. She'll submit with me whether she likes it or not. Jayfeather sighed in slight pleasure as he started liking Lionblaze's thrusting. Last I checked, Rosepetal wanted no part. She's been a bit bitchy lately, and won't stop mooning over Lionblaze when he's taken.

Bumblestripe grunted in agreement. You can have Rosepetal, Thornclaw. She'll only want a tom doing her when she wants their kits. I know she likes me more than most she-cats. It might take all day, but I can convince her. She's not too hard to control when ya know what ya doin'. Purdy muttered. We might as well let Firestar know about this too.

He will want Sandstorm in on it. Is that okay with everyone? Most of the toms looked at him, wide-eyed.

warrior cats female firestar fanfiction

If you're that sexually frustrated, why didn't you ask for a she-cat's help? The toms stared at him again for a few moments, then went back to masturbating and moaning. If not her Maybe Hollyleaf.This will end with the with the 50th lemon not the 50th chapter since it's not the 50th lemon. That will be the 53rd chapter.

I have a weird but interesting request from an anon soooo I'll be doing this one. A few cats murmured that he called for "all cats. Once the entire Clan was gathered, Firestar called for silence. I figured, why not have one last hurrah together as a Clan? To celebrate, you will have to high honor to mate with me. The Clan gasped and continued to mutter. Firestar called for silence again. It is a courtesy I am bestowing upon you all.

As your leader, your well being is my top priority. Let me do this for you all. All you have to do is lay there and let me do all the work. The Clan murmured their agreement. Sorreltail yelped. He turned to the queen. She shook her head and cast her eyes down. Come here Seedkit. Sorreltail nudged her kit up Highrock. Firestar picked her up by her scruff and dropped onto it. The leader simply pushed her onto her back. He peered at her tiny kitten core, his green eyes blazing with lust.

He lapped at it once, the kit squeaking. Firestar ignored her. He lapped at her more, trying to get her wet. Finally, he felt her juices flow. Seedkit squeaked again.

Seedkit nodded and waited, still unsure what would happen. He pushed his hard member in slowly, listening to Seedkit keen as he broke her barrier.

He heard Sorreltail gasp as he did. It get's better, I promise. Seedkit nodded and sniffled. Firestar pushed back in, a little quicker this time. Seedkit winced again.Note: This fanfiction is meant to be sarcastic. I love Warriors and am writing this purely for the heck of it, so please don't flame about me being a 'Warriors Hater' or a 'hieratic'.

In the very first few chapters of the first book, we learn quite a bit about our quirky little hero; he's clever; he's energetic; he has incredibly weird prophetic dreams that of course mean absolutely nothing about the late plotline.

Oh yeah, and he's part of a great prophecy given to Bluestar in the prologue that states that he will save the clans from certain destruction and chaos that we won't find out about until the later books, but SSSHH!

That's a complete secret and completely not obvious. Anyway, Firestar at this point known as Rusty is invited to join ThunderClan because he displays great courage and potential for a kittypet and is totally not a Mary-Sue. Oh, and Bluestar thinks that he's destined to save the clan, that might be a small part of it. Nope, definitely not. In Firepaw's first few hours in ThunderClan, he not only befriends two other apprentices, defeats one of the clans most skilled warriors even though he's hardly even an apprenticemeets the main antagonist for the entire Arc but really nobody could tell because Tigerclaw is so cute and innocent and makes enemies with him, and falls madly in love with the clan medicine cat which OMG is completely forbidden.

Seriously people. Doesn't it take most characters a lifetime to accomplish all of those things? Firepaw did all this in like what? Not even a day? The rest of the first book consists mostly of Firepaw working on his warrior training, fighting with Sandpaw, hating Tigerclaw, randomly ogling over Spottedleaf, Spottedleaf dying anticlimactic much?

Firepaw was a legend, not just because of all of the heroic crap he did for attention, though. No, coincidentally, Firepaw is the only apprentice besides Graypaw, but he doesn't count to finish his apprenticeship in a single book.

It even took the Power of Three kits half a series to become warriors. This further proves the point the Firepaw wasn't your average apprentice; he was a super apprentice. And totally not a Marry-Sue. The rest of Firepaw's adventures continue into his warriorship, except now, he's not Fire paw he's Fire heart.Nothing stirred in ThunderClan camp.

Firestar slept in his den at the top of the Highledge, curled up with his mate, Sandstorm.

warrior cats female firestar fanfiction

It was a peaceful Newleaf night, but Firestar still stirred in his sleep, something making him uncomfortable. Opening his eyes, he saw a dark figure with tortoiseshell markings standing in front of him. He stiffened as a familiar scent wreathed around him. It had been a while since the former medicine cat had visited him, and it looked like she had something important to say.

He prayed that she hadn't come to warn him of a horrible disaster. Firestar gulped. He knew how much Spottedleaf loved him, and as a younger cat he wouldn't have hesitated to return her affection, but he had a mate now, and had to stay faithful to her. Sandstorm's figure was as still as a statue, as if they were looking at her from another world. I know you loved me then. Firestar flinched. Firestar felt Spottedleaf's pelt brush his as she turned around and touched her nose to his cheek. Firestar's mind filled with memories from when he was an apprentice; the warm glow in her eyes as she treated her patients, the talks that they had from time to time, the sight of her murdered body, and the unimaginable sorrow it brought.

Both him and Spottedleaf shifted, and pressed their noses together affectionately. Not enough time for us to be together. There was so much we never said Firestar was overcome by emotion, "Yes All of Firestar's doubt had been erased, swamped by nostalgic memories of Spottedleaf and his repressed desires. As Firestar stared at her exposed backside, he quickened his pace, watching her push her tight hole up towards him.

He pressed his face towards her core, sniffing at the hot pink flesh. Spottedleaf moaned as she felt Firestar's breath against her core.

He took out his tongue and dragged in across Spottedleaf's core, the she-cat moaning loudly as his rough tongue an across her sensitive spot. Firestar continued licking her, drawing his tongue in circles around her tight hole, moving faster as he inhaled the sweet scent of her hot, moist core.

Spottedleaf moaned Firestar's name as his hot tongue caressed her soft folds, getting ever so closer to her entrance.

She then let out a yowl as Firestar finally pushed his tongue inside of her, digging into her tight hole. Firestar roughly drew his tongue across Spottedleaf's walls, eliciting even louder moans from the tortoiseshell, her paws frantically kneading the ground. She began pushing her rump back, trying to push Firestar's rough tongue deeper inside of her.

The tom obliged. He forced himself deeper into her wet folds, shoving his muzzle inside of her as his tongue tickled every part of her. Spottedleaf let out a loud yowl, Firestar's hot mouth teasing her sensitive core. Suddenly, Firestar pulled his tongue out of Spottedleaf, backing away as both cats stood there panting. Without hesitation, Firestar climbed on top of her, locking their bodies together. The two cats lay linked together, breathless with desire, as Firestar's hardened member pressed against Spottedleaf's tight centre.Gosh, I love all your ideas, guys!

Today, though, I'm going to choose one: If Firestar was a she-cat. Again, thanks for the lovely ideas- they're all sure to be used! But Ginger remained defiant. Then I'll come back home, I guess. Maybe you could come too. But as long as you promise to visit, then it'll be good. Ginger ventured into the forest, biting her lip as her emerald-green eyes followed a mouse as it scampered to the safety of a tiny burrow.

Chirps from birds high up in the treetops, and loud crunching could be heard. The forest certainly was alive! Then Ginger stiffened. Wait, crunching! Someone was coming! She leaped behind a bush, but then felt anger at herself. She wasn't a mouse-heart! If she wanted to be accepted by these cats, she would have to show bravery!

Ginger stepped out from behind the bush and fluffed up her fur as a young gray tom emerged from the undergrowth.

Ginger winced, having never felt pain before except when she got shots at the vet.

Swiftpaw VS Shrewpaw. Epic Rap Battles of Warriors #11

This cat's claws felt like countless shots all over her, and she returned to pricks to him. The two young cats tussled around for a while, until finally Ginger ended up pinning the tom. Just as some more crunching could be heard, the unfamiliar tom managed to wriggle out of Ginger's grip and pin her, just in time for three more cats to appear.

Black started to crowd at the edge of her vision, and she wondered if this was really it. But then, the blue-gray she-cat at the head of the group shouted, "Graypaw! Get off of the kittypet! Ginger didn't leave, though. She just gazed up at the blue-gray she-cat, and her companions, a big white tom and a handsome golden tom. Who are you? Suppressing a shudder- were these really the cats who sharpened their claws on bones?

I'm sorry for entering your I didn't know-". His amber eyes glittered as Ginger got to her paws and swallowed. He then glanced at Lionheart, who in turn glanced at Bluestar.Second book to my 'Heart of Fire' series!

warrior cats female firestar fanfiction

I hope you liked book one! Now on to book two! Truth be told when I first started out I planned to start it at book three, but then I realized it wouldn't make since, so here we go! Book two! You'll see! And yes, I realized that some of the names are the same, especially Fireheart's, but I just don't see that need to change the names. But you'll love the fourth book! I know you will! That's when the real ball gets rolling! So be patient with me! And review!

Also my niece will be born soon! So future Aunt! Leader : Bluestar- blue-gray she-cat, tinged with silver around her muzzle. Deputy : Tigerclaw- big dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws.

Medicine cat : Spottedleaf- beautiful dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a distinctive dappled coat. Yellowfang- old dark gray she-cat with a broad, flattened face, formerly of ShadowClan and has taken to Spottedleaf's second in command. Leader : Nightpelt-old black tom. Deputy : Cinderfur-thin gray tom. Leader : Tallstar-a black-and-white tom with very long tail. Deputy : Deadfoot-a black tom with a twisted paw.

Leader : Crookedstar-a huge light-colored tabby with a twisted jaw. Deputy : Leopardfur-unusually spotted golden tabby she-cat. Smudge-plump, friendly black-and-white kitten who lives in a house at the edge of the forest. Blackfoot-large white tom with huge jet-black paws, formerly ShadowClan deputy.

Princess-a light brown tabby with a distinctive white chest and paws-a kittypet. Fireheart shivered. Her sleek flame-colored fur was still greenleaf light; it would be a few moons before it was thick enough to keep out cold like this, if at all. She shuffled her forepaws on the hard earth. The sky was finally growing light as dawn crept slowly in. But even though her paws were cold, Fireheart could not suppress a glow of pride.

She had been gifted the chance to go back in time to help fix past mistakes, resulting in a second chance and a fresh new start to her destiny. Although she couldn't change everything, she was able to save her friend, Spottedleaf, from being killed by ShadowClan warrior Clawface. In her mind, she replayed yesterday's victory at the ShadowClan camp: Brokenstar's glittering eyes as the ShadowClan leader backed away, hissing threats, before fleeing into the trees after his traitorous companions.

The remaining ShadowClan cats had been grateful to ThunderClan for helping them to get rid of their cruel leader, and for the peace ThunderClan had promised them while they recovered. Brokenstar had not just brought chaos to his own Clan-he driven the whole of WindClan from their camp, right out of Clna territory.

He has been a dark shadow in the forest before Fireheart's first life in the wild, and even now in her present one. But for Fireheart, there was another shadow troubling her mind: Tigerclaw, ThunderClan's deputy. Fireheart shivered as she thought of the great ThunderClan warrior who had terrorized his apprentice, Ravenpaw.EDIT; Someone informed me that I'm apparently not allowed to have a chapter 'solely based on a character list' so, here, let me fix that owo.

Leader Bluestar- blue-gray she-cat with silver around her muzzle Apprentice, Firepaw. Deputy Redtail- small tortoiseshell tom with a distinctive ginger tail Apprentice, Dustpaw. Medicine Cat Spottedleaf- beautiful dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a distinctive dappled coat. Lionheart- magnificent golden tabby tom with thick fur like a lion's mane Apprentice, Graypaw. Tigerclaw- big dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws Apprentice, Ravenpaw.

Whitestorm- big white tom Apprentice, Sandpaw. Willowpelt- very pale gray she-cat with unusual blue eyes. Stonefur- gray tom with battle-scarred ears and blue eyes.

Ravenpaw- small, skinny black tom with a white dash on his chest, and a white-tipped tail. Frostfur- beautiful white she-cat with blue eyes Kits: Cinderkit fluffy gray she-cat and Brackenkit golden-brown tabby tom. Goldenflower- pale ginger she-cat Kits: Swiftkit- black and white tom. Speckletail- pale tabby, oldest nursery queen pregnant. Mossheart- pale-gray-and-white she-cat with green eyes Kits: Stormkit silver tabby tomand Sunkit ginger and white tabby tom. Mistyfoot- blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes Kits: Leafkit tortoiseshell she-catDapplekit gray she-cat with darker flecksand Moonkit silver and white tabby she-cat.

Halftail- big dark brown tabby tom with part of his tail missing. Smallear- gray tom with very small ears, oldest cat in ThunderClan. Dappletail- once-pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with a lovely dappled coat.

Ember sat on top of her fence, peering into the woods. She had been having strange dreams recently; dreams about hunting in the woods. She crouched, preparing to jump down. One look wouldn't harm anyone…. The small ginger she-cat nearly jumped out of her fur.

She whipped her head around and stared at her black-and-white friend with bright green eyes. I wanted to see if I could catch a mouse. Her housefolk always woke her up before she could catch the mouse….

I bet he hasn't even been there at all. He's probably trying to scare you. I'll be back later, alright? Then you'll see that I'm fine. Before he could reply, she jumped off of the fence post and onto the soft, grassy earth.

warrior cats female firestar fanfiction

She padded into the woods, ears pricked. Not even three tail-lengths in, she froze at the sound of small paws scuttling among the leaves. She felt herself drop into a crouch instinctively, creeping forward silently.


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